KVP-Solution International Workshops 2021 (Part 1)

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KVP-Solution International Workshops: The World Is Changing – How About You? (Part 1)

KVP-Solution is a professional team of experts specialising in life coaching and business coaching workshops for international organisations. We help define your processes and apply change management to get the best out of your organisation.

We deal with organisations of different scales and multiple industries. From individual entities to massive organisations, we provide tailored solutions to help your team achieve your desired goals.

Whether you’re an executive or a group of employees seeking guidance, we are here to help you every step of the way. We guide you through your change by getting your project on time, on budget, and your people on board.

KVP-Solution International Workshop Offerings

Workshop #01: Relationships and Emotional States

This workshop intends to identify the relationships and emotional states of the work team as a single growth group. Experiences and focus improve a group’s sense of belonging, productivity, commitment, and effectiveness on the part of the participants. 

This programme shows what happens to individuals based on their emotions. Additionally, it proves how they relate to others when performing in a working system.


This will be an experiential activity, where participants work on the design of activities. The primary objective is for participants to show their skills as they arise from the challenges and the hardships they face.

Facilitators will conduct this learning approach through the conversations that arise from the dynamics and energy created as a group. This workshop is designed for 10 to 30 people and will last 3 hours. However, we can adjust the time according to the client’s needs.

Workshop #02: Confidence

We start from the idea that trust is the basis for building cohesive teams. This principle will lead members of the organization to make judgments about their work environment. By doing so, this will open the possibility of committing themselves and generating exceptional results from their work. 

This workshop’s objective is to reflect on how participants coordinate their actions within the organization. It also shows the fulfillment of the commitments acquired as a basis for building trust among its members.


We will carry out an opening dynamic that makes it easier for attendees to reflect and enter into an “awareness” of the emotion. Usually, these emotions accompany them in actions, such as asking, offering, and promising.

This activity will display information about creating trust within the team and self-confidence as a criterion for establishing lasting relationships. This workshop is designed for 10 to 30 people and will last 3 hours. However, we can adjust the time according to the client’s needs.

Workshop #03: Managing Moods to Increase Productivity

Many people frequently fall into negative and unproductive moods. This happens because most people have an interpretation of moods and emotions that limits their power to observe and change themselves.

People generally believe that their emotions are produced by people and by the events they encounter. Therefore, their emotions will be slaves to circumstances and will be beyond their power to design them.

This workshop aims to help participants identify their moods, interpret them, and open the possibility for productivity (or unproductivity). Additionally, they will learn to manage their moods and cultivate the emotions they require for their organizational projects and in their daily lives.


Facilitators will conduct this learning session through self-observation exercises and dynamics that facilitate interaction between attendees, seeing the other as a mirror of what happens to the participant daily.

Coaches will show participants how to manage emotions and design the new states of mind they require. This workshop is designed for 10 to 30 people and will last 3 hours. However, we can adjust the time according to the client’s needs.

Workshop #04: How to Adapt to a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) Environment

This workshop is designed based on the situations that we are currently experiencing as a result of COVID. This pandemic has opened a new perspective for us to see the world not only for companies, but also on a personal, family, and general level.

The VUCA environment allows us to realize our ability to cope with changes and adapt to them as a survival skill. Without a doubt, this experience has opened spaces for questions about the tools that organizations have in the face of changing contexts, as well as the emotional state that sustains the organization.

Thus, it is necessary to work on effort and perseverance to review the meanings that these values ​​have within the company and participants. Attendees will be invited to review their interpretations of uncertainty and the emotional states that accompany them. Meanwhile, we facilitate the necessary emotional containment to start building something new.


Facilitators will conduct this workshop in the work teams by areas since the team leader’s role will be vital and later, if the company requires it, deploy it among peers. The duration of the workshop will depend on the scope.

Our Global Clients

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The hourly value of each workshop will be 250US$. The session will take place in groups of a maximum of 30 people in person. Facilitators can hold the workshops virtually according to the client’s needs.

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Klaus Knops

Klaus Knops

Klaus is an experienced manager, CEO and entrepreneur with over 30 years in the construction industry as a manager and consultant, having lived in Europe and Latin America.

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