KVP-Solution International Workshops 2021 (Part 2)

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KVP-Solution International Workshops: The World Is Changing – How About You? (Part 2)

KVP-Solution is a professional team of experts specialising in life coaching and business coaching workshops for international organisations. We help define your processes and apply change management to get the best out of your organisation.

We deal with organisations of different scales and multiple industries. From individual entities to massive organisations, we provide tailored solutions to help your team achieve your desired goals.

Whether you’re an executive or a group of employees seeking guidance, we are here to help you every step of the way. With our workshops, we guide you through your change by getting your project on time, on budget, and your people on board.

KVP-Solution International Workshop Offerings

Workshop #05: Goal Versus Purpose

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“Achieving success without a purpose is the ultimate failure.” People generally confuse the concept of goal with the idea of purpose. 

Such misunderstanding undoubtedly produces different results – not only in the main outcome itself. But also in the emotion that accompanies it and the level of satisfaction that can be made in each one. 

It is common for people to set goals and give them up before achieving them. Behind these conversations are emotional habits and for what purpose.

The objective of this workshop is to unveil the why and why of the purposes, the emotional habits that accompany us when fulfilling a goal, and the meaning that the purposes have for our lives.


Facilitators will conduct the session in a practical and theoretical way inviting attendees to understand the difference between these two concepts, and during the execution, they can find purposes that they need to achieve in their work and personal context. It will last 2 hours.

Workshop #06: Leadership

Every company needs leaders who positively influence their work teams. This workshop aims to develop leadership skills, which allow participants to design emotional spaces and coordinate actions. Each employee becomes a benchmark of its organizational culture. 

This session targets people who, due to their role within the organization, require developing a leadership style and soft skills that support them to lead and positively and consistently impact their co-workers.


Facilitators will conduct the session in a theoretical and practical way showing some skills that should accompany a good leader, such as active listening, building trust, moving to action, direct and appreciative feedback. This workshop will last two hours, in groups of a maximum of 30 people.

Workshop #07: Assertive Communication 

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On many occasions, we do not express our opinions or thoughts for different reasons. Sometimes, we are too permissive, others because we are not clear about it.

Since human beings are linguistic beings, everything that happens in our lives occurs first through language. 

We coordinate actions with others, which, although it seems like an easy task to do, is the most significant source of conflict in organizations. These incidents are typically a result of not having clarity of communication.

The objectives of this workshop are for participants to:

  1. Understand the role of language and conversations as action and social engagement.
  2. Learn to place orders, offers, and promises that build trust in teams.
  3. Reflect on the introductory statements and skills that they have to implement them.
  4. Know how to design conversations to overcome breakdowns.


This workshop will last two hours in groups of a maximum of 30 people.

Workshop #08: Teamwork

Companies are going through times of profound challenges. As an organisational system, they need to add tools that help them focus energy, promote and achieve common objectives.

This workshop aims to reveal whether the team has an apparent reason for within the system, allowing us to review concepts such as cohesion, permanence, connection with the team, and belonging. 

Throughout the session, we will resignify the perception that the assistants have of their team, developing the mentality of achievement through skills such as learning to learn and come to our emotions.


This workshop will last two hours in groups of a maximum of 30 people.

Our Global Clients


The hourly value of each workshop will be 250US$ and will take place in groups of a maximum of 30 people in person. The workshops can be held virtually according to the client’s needs.

Contact us to book a workshop with KVP-Solution.

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Klaus Knops

Klaus Knops

Klaus is an experienced manager, CEO and entrepreneur with over 30 years in the construction industry as a manager and consultant, having lived in Europe and Latin America.

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