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Today Nothing is as Constant as The Change

Life Continues to Change

Change is constant – it is inherent in today’s world.

Gone is the traditional structure of growing up, getting educated, getting married, and going out into the workforce.

Gone is the idea of working in one job or for a single employer for life. The one thing we can all expect is change and plenty of it.

The digital world is constantly changing the landscape of our lives. Social media and instant messaging make the world a smaller place, and an idea can travel around the world in seconds – a human in not much more.

The latest app or chat channel is only the latest for a certain period. Then, we move onto a whole new way of communicating, living, working.

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

Today Nothing is as Constant as The Change 2

The trouble with change is that humans tend to prefer tradition. We feel comfortable doing things a certain way for a long time just because it feels familiar. Change scares us.

We only have to look at young children to see this in action – they’ll listen to the same bedtime story a hundred times before they ever tire of it. Change is now happening far more frequently to humans than it did 100 or so years ago.

We travel, relocate and connect with people worldwide daily, uproot ourselves from what we have always known. Families are separated, divorces happen, the whole fabric of our lives is torn apart.

Often people can’t cope with so many changes thrown at them in such a short time limit. Yet, employers expect them to perform wherever they are and hit the ground running when they get there. There’s no time to learn, adapt and accept before moving on to the next new thing.

Companies Experiencing Constant Change

Companies once followed long-term strategies with the same organisational structures for many years.

However, these days change occurs more frequently. The simple fact is that we humans can’t always cope with the speed. We aren’t designed to do it, and we often aren’t equipped to either.

Change management is a phrase we hear at an alarming frequency, a cover-all comment when changes occur, but organic change management comes from a place of understanding.

Helping people to handle change with a structured approach equipping them with the right tools for successful change and accepting that it is a process.

Essentially this comes from experience, having undergone many changes of environments, structures, companies, countries, cultures, and situations, just as we have at KVP-Solution.

How We Help You With Change as Your Only Constant

Today Nothing is as Constant as The Change 3

Central to our process is that you cannot change people or force them to change. However, our structured approach can guide them through the process.

We start by creating awareness – understanding the change occurring and why it must happen. 

When a person understands the why behind the change, it can help create desire – the inner desire to change or experience the change and the change’s promised results.

Following this comes knowledge – providing the support and tools to handle the change effectively. 

The final and equally important step is reinforcement – ensuring everyone preserves the process by the change throughout its lifetime.

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I am a consultant with 20 years of experience and 30 years working in a high-level management position in 9 multinational companies.

I’ve lived in more than 8 different counties and undergone 30 changes in residence. I’ve had two marriages, 3 children, and 3 grandchildren.

I have the tools, the structure, and the experience to support you and your company and employees on your change journey.

Contact us to begin your journey with constant change.