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Successful Reinvention is Possible

Every Opportunity Has Its Challenges

In 2017, due to a job opportunity that my husband received, we decided to settle in Santiago de Chile. At that time, I was full of doubts about my professional life, and a possible reinvention.

The answer that came to me is that I had to reinvent myself. I imagined this as a great challenge because this word means “to create or design a new thing.”

Going through my mind was a certain anguish. At 41 years old, I have to be capable of creating a new profession for myself.

This anguish led me to think that nowadays, it is a reality in the labor market. If you are a woman and are in your forties, it becomes an almost impossible mission to reactivate yourself.

Moment of Reflection

Successful Reinvention 1

However, reflecting on my life and, in general, others’ lives, I had an epiphany. I understood that we are constantly experiencing reinvention every time our purpose in life has changed.

For example, when I became a lawyer, I stopped being a student. I had to use the tools I had acquired to serve the people who need help from applying the law to defend their rights.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to reinvent as a mother when you have a newborn. It becomes challenging if that new person depends totally on you, your care, your love.

Many times, you have to put aside your dreams from this new place because you must think about others.

I know that about my mother. She often put aside many things she would have liked to do.

The most significant thing is that she never saw it as a sacrifice. Instead, she viewed it as an act of love, which is part of the purpose of being a mother.

Finding a New Purpose

In this way, I understood that I had to redefine my new purpose. Additionally, I needed to figure out the tools that I had today at my disposal.

From there, I could recognize that the opportunity I had to live in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, and now Chile. All these countries had opened new doors for me.

Eventually, I received a chance to initiate legal proceedings, learn languages that I never dreamed of in my life, like German.

All this allowed me to understand new cultures, what an immigrant goes through, the challenges involved in integrating into a new culture, and news organizations in work contexts.

I concluded that my purpose was to continue serving. However, from this new thing that I had discovered, the question was, how? Coaching appeared as an answer.

Where Reinvention Has Led Me To

Successful Reinvention 2

Today, after getting certified as an Ontological and Organizational Coach, I want to take myself to the next level, and what can I offer the world in my new role as a Coach and be successful? 

Faced with this question, I have come up with a simple reflection, and that is, not only have I reconnected with my life purpose, but I have also found my element.

I know because it connects me with enthusiasm, with the joy of being part of this art that is coaching, as Ken Robison said about the element that is “the meeting point between natural aptitudes and personal inclinations.” 

Today I have accompanied people and organizations in my service as a coach in Germany, Canada, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. I have lived and learned from different cultures and systems, I have been able to put them at the service of my purpose.

Successful Reinvention Is Possible

What gives me the certainty that reinventing myself as a coach today has been a successful decision is that I met my purpose and vocation. I serve people and organizations, no longer through the law but something more intimate.

I do it through my listening, my gaze, my questions, and my connection. Of course, I am especially accompanied by a sacred space of confidentiality, both people and organizations. 

And when you have reinvented yourself, how did you see yourself in those moments? What were your objectives? How did you plan to achieve them? What emotions accompanied you? What were those conversations you had with yourself? 

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