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How to Put Digital Transformation Into Practice

What Is Digital Transformation?

If you ask people to define digital transformation, you can expect them to give many interpretations as the number of people you ask!

CEOs and senior board members are perplexed in how digital transformation can be beneficial to their organizations.

This is because they cannot agree on a collective definition of digital transformation.

Venturing Into Digital Transformation

Many organizations are still relying on their time-honored practices and are reluctant to venture into something new and unknown. 

For example, a small company of 80 employees have always been reliant on promoting themselves through word of mouth. This happens within their sphere of family, friends, and existing customers and suppliers. 

This has proved most efficient in the past. Because of the CEO’s lack of knowledge in digital transformation, they are reluctant to embrace the digital age. 

However, we can work with this CEO by discussing modern media forums’ attributes. Some examples include web pages and on-line advertising, or more individualistic forums like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

It is possible to demonstrate how digital transformation works and expand services to a wider and diverse customer base.

The Big Questions

Digital Transformation 2

After showing the CEO how Digital Transformation can work, the next big questions:

  1. Is digital transformation really difficult? 
  2. How much time am I going to need to invest in it? 
  3. How much is it going to cost?  

Initial steps pose little difficulty. If the CEO is unfamiliar with digital technology, there’s another alternative. There may be someone within the organization with even basic knowledge appointed to lead the project. 

Time invested in digital technology is never time wasted. Within just a few hours, it is possible to set up an account in whatever medium you choose. 

This is followed by inputting your basic information about your organization, services, products, and maybe even testimonials from your existing customers.

Advantages of Digital Technology

Digital technology has the ability to return to your account and expand its content later. 

The digital world can be either a daunting ordeal or an amazing adventure with endless possibilities. 

However, for those unfamiliar with technology, these simple steps can guide you into taking those first steps into the unknown. 

Implementing Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation 3

With our example, we have used the organization’s CEO to set up his chosen account in an informative but simple manner, following the advice we had given him.

Within a few days, he contacted us to say that he already saw the benefits of his first steps into digital technology.

After gaining followers on his account, he is able to be in communication with potential customers. He felt confident in exploring other mediums available.

He began to allay his concerns which took him through the processes in basic and simple steps. We were able to help him move forward into this new and exciting world of digital technology. 

As his confidence grows, he has the wherewithal to expand and professionalize his activities simply and easily, taking just a few minutes of his time. 

Upcoming Challenges

Once the CEO and the organization leaders commit to investing time and money into the realms of digital technology, they must, at this stage, think about how they will face the challenges of bringing their workforce onboard. 

Your employees are the key to any organization. Therefore, it is important to involve them in such a significant change to their working practices. Such effort requires leaders with the highest skills in communication and motivation and trust and enthusiasm in the project. 

Most global organizations have been working for a long time with digital technology, whereas many small and medium ones only see the need to venture into themselves. 

By observing and learning from the best practices within these larger organizations, it has been possible to highlight the processes and practices within an organization that needs re-adjustment.

Time is A Virtue

Digital transformation is not something that we can implement overnight. It requires forethought and planning at the senior management level to ensure that all changes are carried through in a specific and realistic way.

There are many manuals about digital technology. A person can read up on this subject and muddle through to create a blog or web page about their company.

But when it comes to dealing with their employees, it is unrealistic to hand over a manual and expect them to get on with it.

Remembering that they are human beings and investing in a more humanistic approach will, in the long run, reap benefits to the organization and its employees.

Choose KVP-Solution As Your Digital Transformation Consultant

Bringing in outside consultants, such as KVP-Solution, can bring a vital contribution to the organization.

With certified change managers, coaches, and a wealth of experience gained over many years, we can guide you through the many changes involved, from redundant working practices to the workforce’s inevitable cultural changes at all levels.

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