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Implement Trust as a Basis for Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most recurring matters that require a great deal of trust. This is because it is intended that if the team’s level of trust is improved, the corporate results will be exceptional.

To improve the team’s cohesion, businesses must guide members’ focus on the collective goals and that these should be above the individual goals.

Of course, this doesn’t leave the work with the leader aside. After all, a well-executed leadership produces a virtuous result for the organization.

However, to foster team spirit before working on the collective goals or leadership, there must be confidence among them. Without it, teamwork is impossible.

What Is Trust in Teamwork?

Trust as a Basis for Teamwork 1

Trust within the context of team building is what Patrick Lencioni defines as: 

“The assurance that team members have that their colleagues’ intentions are good and that there is no reason to be either protective or cautious within the group.”

In other words, when people in a team feel comfortable and lose the expectation of having to protect their reputation, they can then focus their energy completely on work and goals.

Being Vulnerable

Trust as a Basis for Teamwork 2

Building trust requires making oneself vulnerable. This will ensure that no one uses any weaknesses or lack of team members’ capacity to embarrass each other.

However, achieving trust from vulnerability is not easy, as we think of vulnerability as loss or gain and generally associate it with emotions such as fear, pain, or shame. 

In hindsight, the closest thing to courage is vulnerability because we are no longer in our comfort zone to risk failure. 

That is why allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with our team members is directly related to the level of trust we have in them, and that is where team cohesion is built.

Thus, it would be impossible to leave aside individual goals to place above the team’s goals or follow a leader if trust has not been created as the basis of the relationship.

Why Do We Need Trust in Teamwork

Trust as a Basis for Teamwork 3

Today, Covid-19 is affecting the economy and the pace of work and life in general.

It is necessary to ensure that the team is confident in the following situations: 

  1. In the face of the uncertainty that the unknown creates
  2. When members continue to commit to the collective goals despite personal and family situations
  3. If they are willing to fulfill their promises
  4. Despite not seeing each other and are not together in the same physical place.

They are there for each other in the midst of what is happening and what circumstances allow them to do. That is why I invite you to navigate the crisis by creating promises.

We cannot predict the future. However, a good way to relate to uncertainty is to imagine that we can fulfill our agendas in the future.

In Conclusion

As an entrepreneur or Human Resources Director, you are interested in having a focused team.

It is necessary for you to start working on developing trust among your members. Especially before working with them on leadership issues, conflict management, decision making, among others.

Contact us if you have any questions.