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How Do You Successfully Lead During The Coronavirus

Living in the Time of Pandemic

Quarantine, home office, hamster shopping – these are undoubtedly the words of the hour worldwide. Companies are expected to lead during the coronavirus successfully with the ensuing pandemic.

But with the immense flood of information, many are unknowingly faced with such intense responsibility through the crisis caused by Covid-19.

How do companies and managers successfully make it through a time of uncertainty, panic, and fear?

We have compiled the most important aspects for successful entrepreneurs, managers, and those who keep a clear head during the crisis. 

Who is able to distinguish himself as a real leader?

Many people are unwilling or unable to act purposefully yet calmly and empathetically in difficult and uncertain situations. Others, often with previously pale personalities, excel and take the scepter into their hands.

Crises can bring out the best in people and organisations. This is especially true for managers and people in leading positions. We will show how one should act in precarious situations when companies and orders are upside down.

It will be essential for you to observe closely in the coming weeks. Where do people emerge in your business environment, which is important for overcoming the crisis?

Discover the strengths that are necessary now and be open! Accept the help of experienced coaches and consultants.

Don’t just think defensively

When we lead during the coronavirus, there are three options: Rigor mortis, freeze, flight, or fight.

Be more aggressive! Think actively about the strategic measures that can move you and your company forward! Contact your customers – no need for a personal appointment.

A phone call is sufficient. Show that you are there and doing your job despite Covid-19! Your customers, your employees, and your company will thank you!

Give aspiring leaders room to maneuver

In crises, established leaders tend to close the doors and take responsibility away from their subordinates. Avoid usurping all control and give aspiring leaders space they need to develop their abilities.

In this way, you can draw on the best leadership quality from the situation and work together on solutions. Also, in this context, you should think defensively and actively look for solutions. 

As already mentioned above: Observe closely! Eventually, you will recognize the signs of good leaders who act calmly and are process- and goal-oriented in crises. Encourage, support, and train them.

It is up to you to identify good leaders and give them space and competencies they need! Don’t leave the qualities that lie dormant in your company undiscovered and create new decision-makers and doers.

Because even when the crisis is long over, you and your company will still benefit from the decisions you make now.

Appear extroverted dynamic but with ethics

This does not mean that you should turn your nature by 180 degrees. Rather, it is important that you do not retreat into your shell and hide from everything around you.

Make clear announcements and decisions that show you are in control of the situation.  Approach your environment actively.

Support your management and your employees and ask questions. Be the engine that keeps the machinery running. Motivate others to seek the (digital) dialogue and to become active!

A question of composure and resilience

A question of composure and resilience: The coronavirus is currently exerting massive pressure on the economy. It is crucial that we lead accordingly during the coronavirus.

There is virtually no industry that is not directly or indirectly affected. Given that so many sectors are affected, the burden on managers is immense.

Therefore, it is important to rely on a management team and experienced advisors who continue to behave calmly despite the external stress. Panicky skipping actions are completely out of place!

Those who are strong and act strategically will emerge stronger from the crisis. Be one of them.

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