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Accepting Changes in Times of Uncertainty

What’s The Story You’re Telling And Who You Want To Be In The Story

Today, as a result of the coronavirus, your mind must have been occupied with information, changes, recommendations, and prohibitions that led you to be in a state of alert.

Additionally, with lockdowns, we add social isolation and more time to share with ourselves. It makes us tell stories to others who are impacted by the content of the stories and the emotions we transmit when we tell them. 

Perhaps you feel that the current crisis has pushed us into new or perhaps unknown territory. Eventually, we reach an end to what we believe is predictable and “forcing” us to leave all our certainties. 

Different Perspectives

Accepting Changes in Times of Uncertainty 2

We get on the path in which we do not know what will happen and what we are going to find. Imagine that it is like opening a door without knowing the other side. 

The question here would be, what would you tell yourself before you open the door?

If you tell yourself is something like: what I will find is not going to please me, this is something new for me, and new is difficult, I’m unable to face this. Your emotion would surely be fear, insecurity, or anxiety.

However, if you were to tell yourself: I’m about to discover something new, and I’m prepared to face it. You become curious. Listen to the judgments you make about the unknown and choose whom you want to be in the face of the uncertainty caused by the crisis. 

Accepting Changes

Accepting Changes in Times of Uncertainty 3

I would like you to recognize that there are aspects in life that we cannot change. For example, we cannot change the world so that the coronavirus ends.

It is a situation that is there, and we have no other option but to accept it. If we continue to fight against what we cannot change, then we will only experience frustration, discouragement, and rage. 

The good news is that in the same situation, we can find aspects we can change. For example, our attitude towards the crisis. In this aspect, I want you to focus and review: 

  1. What emotions do you want to cultivate to get through the uncertainty?
  2. What stories do you want to tell yourself?
  3. What do you want to impact others with?

Above all, what identity do you want to form through your conversations and the relationship with others in the midst of adversity?

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