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Changes Occuring Due to Covid-19

Approaching Covid-19 Changes

The types of changes we see from COVID-19 began as a common call to address our communities’ threats.

As a result, we are pushed to move towards addressing our organizations’ changing needs. 

As our organizations get out from under these immediate responses to the pandemic, how can we equip our people to succeed as we move toward our new future state?

We will find together with you the answers.

Re-imagining Your Future State with Covid-19 Changes

Organizations had different change-related agendas with specific objectives they were working to achieve. But when the pandemic struck, we all shifted to a shared change agenda like never before.

While we will continue to share common objectives due to COVID-19, the changes we focus on as organizations will evolve to meet our unique strategic objectives once again.

To illustrate the different steps, we have organized today’s change challenges into three rings:

Changes Occuring Due to Covid-19 5

Step 1

Changes include society’s immediate response to COVID-19. For example, these changes includes: self-isolation, social distancing, hand washing, hygiene, and the emergency response our healthcare professionals are providing to protect the health of society. This is mainly discussed and in common practice. 

Step 2

Changes Occuring Due to Covid-19 4

Changes emerge from Step 1 changes. These are your organization’s response to society’s response to COVID-19.

For example, after moving toward self-isolation and social distancing, we must then figure out how to equip employees and associates to be amazing remote contributors.

How do we enable the necessary communication in ways we hadn’t needed before? Many are now in this stage and try it with their own resources because of budget freezing.

Step 3

Changes emerge after we address Step 2. This is the re-envisioning we must do as an organization. How do we shape ourselves into that new normal we want to achieve?

These Step 3 changes will be the things that help us become whom we want to be as we step into our new future state. Additionally, this might include business model changes, digitalisation, and other immediate actions.

Let Us Help You Deal with Covid-19 Changes

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