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Choose Windowmaker As Your Next Software

Ask Yourself: Why Does The Standard Window Software Not Cover All Of The Below?

An industry-specific software can cover the three main processes of window producers. One modern software called the Windowmaker has proven to do this effectively.

With our version of Windowmaker, all major aspects of your operations are taken into account. Additionally, the software integrates complex processes into one simplified tool – whether it’s quotations, warehouse management, to orders and production.

For example, departments like Marketing and Sales can utilize an industry-tailored Hubspot solution to do your job. A specially designed app assists businesses by covering forgotten processes, such as installation and service.

Flexibility, agility, and mobility are some of the traits that make this software attractive in the market. So why do window producers and resellers require Windowmaker? Find out more below.


Windowmaker Software

Firstly, unlike standard window software, Windowmaker is capable of performing these functions:

  • Utilize easy-to-use window configurations for field staff, office staff, distributors, and end-users.
  • Create measurements using laser technology and/or mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Ensure automatic processing of data from acquired measurements for quotation and production.
  • Integrate in-shop functions with the Hubspot or other CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Companies that are striving to have a large network of distributors can utilize this software to provide configurations. Above all, companies can submit and provide configurations on the construction site. Moreover, the data can be filled in only once.

Production Areas Covered by Windowmaker

Windowmaker Software

Secondly, Windowmaker provides clear visibility over a range of areas related to your production:

  • Paperless production process and control of all machines
  • Production of special elements
  • Material management
  • Electronic ordering of all components
  • Warehousing and inventory control

The software offers flexibility in every stage of your production. For instance, we can integrate Windowmaker into any operational stage – from dealing with a partially automated or with a fully automated production in material removal to product packaging and transportation.

By optimizing advanced marketing technologies, you can handle all processes in ERP systems without further issues, such as interface problems, data loss, or duplication of data.

Windowmaker can help you carry out your operations promptly. Materials such as large and heavy glass elements are scheduled and delivered directly to the construction site on time. Additionally, AR  technologies and scanners assist in this.

Full Visibility Over “Forgotten” Operational Processes

Windowmaker Software

Thirdly, Windowmaker covers several neglected processes without additional data acquisition or paper printouts, such as assembly and maintenance.

  • Complete coordination of fitters, materials, and tools required by your construction site/vehicle.
  • Electronic acceptance report created immediately after assembly using the same end-devices and data.
  • Automatic dispatch of the invoice after acceptance.

The fitter is assigned work orders according to their level of training, knowledge, as well as availability. Alternatively, the fitter can receive their orders directly from the system based on their current location, tasks, or availability.

Windowmaker Software

Adaptable Solutions, Reliable Support System

Lastly, Windowmaker is a scalable software that integrates with your existing processes. Companies can depend on the software’s international team which has served more than 75 countries in the world.

  • Easy integration into all other processes and software.
  • Reliable support and advice from our international team.

Furthermore, the software has a strong international presence to add to its credibility. More than 5,000 customers worldwide use the software for their operations. In other words, Windowmaker can resolve all these aforementioned points for you.

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