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Emotional Containment and Emergency Planning

Different countries experience several situations that require an immediate need for emotional containment and emergency planning. As a result of these new complications, businesses must quickly adapt to any challenges that arise.

But what if your organisation is not well-prepared for such situations? Leaders are expected to be in the right mindset to maneuver team members into the right direction. Without prior planning, chances are that your organisation will crumble.

KVP-Solution: Emotional Containment and Emergency Planning Workshop

It is impossible to solve all the problems surrounding us. However, it is much more feasible to plan the actions needed for emergencies in advance. We should also prepare the tools to calm, control, and motivate people within our organisation efficiently in stressful situations.

As businesses struggle to come up with new strategies to overcome the situation, there comes a new doubt in place: How is my organisation coping with this emotionally? Have we protected members of our organisation effectively?

While it is important to effectively manage your team to get over these challenges, it is just as crucial to maintain emotional levels amongst members of your team. With tensions rising and high levels of pressure, emotional containment is necessary to accompany emergency planning.

Demonstrating that you are prepared and concerned about the well-being of the entire organisation is essential to mitigate fear and uncertainty in eventualities. With KVP-Solution’s Emotional Containment and Emergency Planning Workshop, our team of coaches will guide you to the right path to prepare for any adversary.


Our professional coaches will guide you in the face of different emergency scenarios. We identify the steps you should take during times of uncertainty caused by the national contingency.

The goal of this workshop is to strengthen your sense of leadership particularly during times of crises. We will be emphasizing on the importance of strong communication and planning in advance. By doing so, you play a huge role in significantly reducing the degree of stress on employees.

Emotional Containment and Emergency Planning Workshop Process

Step #01: Thawing

Participants are invited to talk about their emotions, fears and concerns. Afterwards, coaches encourage participants to seek solutions that are achievable for all members of the organisation.

Step #02: Self-care

The group begins to normalize themselves to the feelings of anxiety and calamity that may occur during a crisis. Our coaches will then provide the tools to promote individual and group self-care strategies in the workplace. The context of these strategies will depend on the background provided by participants. 

Step #03: Containment Tools

Participants will learn to manage their emotions and design them to achieve the goals they want. Coaches will deliver the necessary containment tools and tactics, along with a participatory dynamic on how to use and apply these support actions among colleagues.

Step #04: Emergency Planning

Finally, we work closely with participants in planning a series of rational actions to take during emergencies. Participants will carry out this scheme should the assessed risk emerges in their workplace.

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