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How Technology Benefits Window Construction Companies

In this era of digitalisation, the window construction industry is no stranger to technology. Digital tools such as smart apps or lasers are utilised in day-to-day activities to simplify operations.

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Technology can be integrated into multiple departments in the window construction industry. Moreover, we see technology being used for measurement, installation, assembly, maintenance, and service. However, there is a more crucial reason why technology is an urgent requirement for today’s businesses.

For instance, the installation costs of windows makes up approximately 20% of the entire budget. If the costs increase by only 10%, unfortunately, the project no longer becomes profitable. 

Due to situations like this, it’s vital that businesses can safeguard their cost estimations by optimising technological resources. Find out how you can implement technology into your business processes.

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Switching to Technology

Gone are the days of using paper and pen. Thanks to today’s technology, businesses can rely on smart applications to safeguard their projects better. For example, the Bosch laser, a tool that allows you to digitally record and process measurements of windows and doors. 

With this laser, you can easily obtain a master data and use it as a basis for the components to be measured. Additionally, this advanced tool allows you to specify what window materials and what profile systems you would like to use. You can continue to configure all of this data separately for each component.

Another digital tool that you can use in the window construction industry is the Siebert Scale. This special app helps you with handling quotations. All you have to do is take a photo of the window. Afterward, select the window type and other necessary details included in your quotation.

With all of these available digital tools going around, your company has many choices. There are many window construction softwares that offer the possibility of integration into your business. For help selecting the right window construction software for your project, KVP-Solution can assist you in this matter.

Benefits of Technology in the Window Construction Industry

  1. Transform your business from a cost centre to a profit centre by moving from a scheduled service model to a predictive just-in-time deployment.
  2. Gain a comprehensive view of your customers’ assets through combined capabilities.
  3. Define service level agreements (SLAs) to meet and exceed expectations.
  4. Dispatch the right technician at the right time with the right experience and equipment.
  5. Optimise resource allocation with a drag-and-drop organisational chart and an interactive map to plan the deployment of the nearest available technicians.
  6. Optimise technician resources with automated scheduling that minimises travel times and maximises utilisation while responding to delays, cancellations and urgent service calls.
  7. Use asset history management to keep your technicians up to date, or connect to finance and supply chain management to synchronise data down to individual trucks.

How Technology Plays a Role in Your Team

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Integrating technology into your business operations is one thing. But coordinating your field services team with these tools is another story. So how do you coordinate your installers or service technicians to ensure they are familiar with the new digital tools at hand?

Below are some of the ways your team can utilise technology into their services:

1. Appropriate responses

Using digital resources like a field service management app, you can get a good overview of your customers needs and track them easily. With this data, you have the ability to send the right resources, to the right place, at the right time. Furthermore, you can bring along the necessary tools to resolve the incident without having to go back and forth.

2. Proactive service delivery

Using real-time tracking tools, you can immediately predict, detect, and resolve field service issues before you even have to go to the site directly. By taking a proactive approach in resolving these issues before your customers even realise there’s a problem, not only are you ensuring consistent and reliable operations. You are also saving time and retaining customer satisfaction. 

3. Plan capacity intelligently

By dispatching your technicians to where they are needed the most, you are optimising your resources and allocating costs into the appropriate situations. As you increase your reliability as a services provider, you are delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Of course, this can only be achieved when you give your technicians the time, tools, and information they need to solve problems right the first time.

Choose the Right Digital Tools with KVP-Solution

Start integrating technology into your window construction business with KVP-Solution. With our expertise, our team of professionals will help you achieve digital transformation to be competitive in the industry.

Whether you are a company with 10 or 1500 employees, we facilitate your transition to digitalisation by matching your business needs with our selected offerings. We are happy to advise you on processes, software and their implementation 

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