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Looking at the Bigger Picture with Solution-Oriented Conversations

Where It All Started

As consultants, we’re constantly encountering unique journeys with clients of different industries. With each journey we’ve shared, there’s something new that we can learn from, especially in terms of coming up with new solutions to various problems.

Just a few weeks ago, KVP-Solution had an interesting call with a respectable biotech company that’s looking to expand its business presence online. For quite a while, our consultants have assisted the company above by recommending various digital tools.

Throughout our partnership, we enriched their online presence by investing in Google ads, Twitter ads, and website SEO. By deploying these tools, we helped them achieve a more substantial online presence with their business.

Problems Start to Arise

Like all journeys, there are unexpected bumps on the road. Since the start of COVID-19 in March 2020, our consultants noticed that there had been a significant rise in Google Ads prices. This spike didn’t go unnoticed by our client as well.

Our client expressed their concerns regarding this price increase through the conversation we had. They were wondering if the Google Ads services are worth their money during the pandemic or not. 

We understand where they’re coming from. Google Ads is a beneficial programme to reach our target audience. However, a tool like this is valuable only if it comes at a low cost.

But despite these concerns, we decided to keep Google Ads running. Not because they were valuable, but simply because we haven’t come up with a new solution to resolve this matter.

So, where do we go from here?

One Piece of the Puzzle

As consultants, our biggest responsibility is to get our clients to see the bigger picture instead of just focusing on one piece of the puzzle. Our partnering biotech company might express their concerns with the rising prices of Google Ads. But we believe that several other solutions can overcome one form of the adversary.

To see the bigger picture, it all comes down from one starting point: conversations. During the same conversation we had with our client, we started to dig deeper into the problems they were currently facing due to the pandemic.

As it turns out, the company was encountering another issue. We discovered that the company was experiencing a lack of inbound traffic on the website. Despite installing proper SEO, there was not enough traffic generated as there weren’t many new articles and blogs to display.

Starting to See the Bigger Picture

While it may be challenging to overcome the rising prices of Google Ads directly or by generating inbound content, we found out that we can further increase the company’s online business presence through an alternative solution. We shifted our focus to something even more valuable: improving the overall shopping experience and customer journey.

We decided to set up a planned shop linked to our client’s website and social media campaigns. As we’re setting this up, we realised that there were more endless possibilities of strengthening their online business presence.

Through more and more conversations, we began to recognize other possibilities of improving their business, such as deploying a CRM system, specific automation with social media and email campaigns, and lead generation.

True, we needed to work twice as hard. But it’s better to have solutions to work on instead of grieving over one problem continuously.

Why These Conversations Matter

Conversations like this are crucial to any business growth. As shown by our client’s behavior, they showed great concern over one aspect of their company in the beginning. While it’s good to acknowledge a couple of bumps in your growth, all these worries will not benefit you if you do not focus on what to do in the long run.

Consultants such as KVP-Solution rely on these conversations to analyze your current situation. By questioning the past and present situations, we can identify patterning problems and develop solutions.

We discuss the goal you’d like to achieve and the pros and cons of the tools you’re interested in. We provide holistic solutions that allow you to use your existing devices and open up more doors to other solutions, like CRM, websites, and blogs.

Reach out to us to start your journey with KVP-Solution.