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The Power of Integrated Software for Window Manufacturers

Do you have many software suites running at the same time?

There are numerous software solutions available on the market, each focusing on a specific function or component.

For example, you could purchase a system to manage your human resources. Or maybe you are considering creating a separate system to manage your Field Service services.

It can be tempting to purchase multiple different solutions in the hopes that each program will benefit your separate departments significantly.

We want each business department, function, or aspect to thrive, allowing the organization to achieve overall success.

But how well-connected are all of your systems?

Software islands: so many options, so little integration

When you run many systems at the same time, you create what we call “software islands.”

To put into context, a country with many islands is like a company with many individual software systems.

Islands are nice when you take a short holiday on them. Similar to individual software systems, a “software island” boasts its own benefits for your respective departments – which are great if you’re looking to fulfill short-term goals.

However, islands are separated bodies of land with no roads between each other. And such is the case with many individual software systems, you can have plenty of them, but all of them do not work in sync.

The key to successful implementation, is integration

Networking, merging, collaborating… Whatever the terminology, we’ve witnessed a handful of entities making significant progress through the power of integration.

On a global scale, networked associations like the states in the USA, the EU, the former Soviet Union and the Great Empire of China are stronger as a unit. The same is true for big companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Bosch.

By networking and merging strengths. entities that were once separated now have a big advantage as they combine their resources.

As we’re putting this into a software perspective, businesses are constantly searching for a system that facilitates the integration of multiple functions, which includes sales and marketing, quotation, production, assembly and service.

What to consider when integrating systems

Tons of software providers are invested into the idea of helping businesses streamline their operations with an integrated approach.

At the moment, developers like SAP are showing a prime example of making integration a big deal in the software market.

But such is the case with software selection, every industry or niche that has their own unique business requirements that need further matching.

Since KVP-Solution is heavily centred on the Building Materials Industry, let’s use Window Manufacturers as an example target audience.

SAP has various modules that can possibly accommodate the needs of window manufacturers.

However, not all window manufacturers have the means to utilise SAP modules right now. There could be various reasons, such as the lack of expenses, or not fitting to their business models at the moment.

While it’s good to have an all-in-one solution, you’ll also need to consider your budget and your business requirements.

All-in-one solution for window manufacturers

Window manufacturing is heavy business, especially when you have so many things going on. From dealing with customers, inventory, marketing, to finances.

But what if someone offers you a solution that answers 90% of your software needs – specifically tailored to your window manufacturing needs?

And the best part? The software you’ll need comes from one single source.

Here at KVP-Solution, we’re helping window manufacturers get their system all together with our comprehensive software package:

  • Hubspot CRM/CMS: a software platform utilised for marketing and sales, giving you visibility on your customer contact through online mediums like websites or social media
  • Windowmaker: a window construction software needed for production, utilised for configuring, preparation of offers to quotation preparation.
  • Fentu: an app utilised to oversee what happens during window assembly, installation, or service, and also invoicing.

And in regards to the 10% of the rest of your software needs, not to worry. We can connect these softwares altogether via open API interfaces.

All this is offered by KVP-Solution, a consulting company that takes a unique approach into looking for solutions with profound knowledge in the construction industry. 

Simply the solution around both window and door manufacturers.

Reach out to us for an initial free consultation to learn more about this powerful software package.