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How the Window Construction Industry Is Coping during the Pandemic

Have you ever wondered what tools window manufacturers used before the pandemic? And what tools are we gaining access to in this new working environment?

For decades, the window construction industry relied on centralized software that featured industry-specific capabilities such as window setup with profile, hardware, and glass.

The same software was used to prepare quotation and production data, which has always been a priority with configurations.

A lot of money is invested on manufacturing process automation since outcomes like success and productivity can be readily quantified and it was simpler to understand how investments were flowing back over the AFA.

But, does software like this have the ability to overcome unforeseen problems like the ones we’re facing today?

When the pandemic happened

As Covid-19 continues to ensue, it’s apparent that the window construction industry needs to step out of their comfort zones and seek new technologies to support and adjust to the new way of working.

In the last 12 months, we have witnessed many companies reaching out to customers differently due to travel and visit restrictions. Companies are unable to use traditional methods of communicating with clients and must rely on digital approaches to support remote methods.

Because of these imposed restrictions, companies are turning to CRM/CMS systems to drive email campaigns, social networking firms, and establish digital marketing activities to connect their client needs and create a holistic customer journey.

Aside from preserving client relationships, medium-sized and large window manufacturers require a system that allows them to keep track of their activities despite being separated by long distances. Because of the variety of materials used, window manufacturers of this caliber require a strong ERP system to develop their merchandise management and logistics professionally and structurally.

Manufacturers can also use an ERP to develop real-time contribution margin calculations and implement financial accounting integration at the same time. These are becoming much more important as businesses must be able to conduct them digitally.

Aside from the two issues listed above, we are only now beginning to look at another: installation and servicing.

This is not limited to the window construction sector. In other trades, such as SHEV, automatic doors, elevators, and access control, the immediate necessity for a professional Field Service Management (FSM) system as a running program or app to build an effective workflow within your operations has become vital.

Simply said, it is critical to integrate your window construction software with a CRM/CMS solution, an ERP system, and an FSM system. The question is: will the integration of these four software modules be a huge challenge?

How KVP-Solution can help

At KVP-Solution, we’ve emphasised on the importance of making things structured and simple.

We have narrowed down to these 4 software modules that’s not not entirely a new system, but is configurable enough to become a plug-in and play system that your company can seamlessly integrate.

We’ve chosen these software from emerging market leaders, namely:

With these combined software modules, companies will only require one data entry, which will then be passed around from one department to the next for authorised employees to view and edit.

Focusing on simplicity, it doesn’t take an expert techie to acquaint yourself with these modules. All you need is your cell phone or iPad, and soon enough, you will have access to real-time information right at your fingertips.

For more information, visit our website: www.kvp-solution.com