SAP Value Starter

Make Your Case – Identify the Incremental Value of SAP S/4HANA

3 half day sessions remotely offered
Running every week/ second week
Guided customer engagement
All free-of-charge

Are you still hesitating to change and start your digital transformation?

You might be overwhelmed by all the options, decisions, and questions at this very moment. But rest assured, there’s a clear path to the Intelligent Enterprise. That journey begins with the SAP Value Starter program. The SAP Value Starter helps you build confidence in your transition by working with you to create your value case.

4 Steps of SAP Value Starter:

Welcome Package with customer-specific Point of View Teaser based on 360° Analysis. Haven’t received a Point of View Teaser yet? Request it here BEFORE progressing with the registration step.

Preparation and Information Call for onboarding the customer with SAP experts to set the focus for the upcoming SAP Value Starter Engagement. Start your engagement with Preparation and Information Call below.

SAP Value Starter Engagement consists of 3 half day workshops, in which SAP enhances the results from the Welcome Package with the insights from remotely offered workshop sessions.

Case for Change: Finally, SAP hands over the outcome of the engagement in a one hour closing session. The outcome document consists of the customer-specific financial benefits plus improvement potentials linked to value drivers and incremental capabilities.

After just a few days of expert sessions, workshops, and simulations, you will feel prepared to face your digital transformation head-on. Now, learn how you can take advantage of this engagement for free!  

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