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Five Building materials trends set to transform the industry

1. Material innovation. From sustainable sourcing to 3D printing, product innovations are bringing new types of materials to market. And it’s happening faster than ever. 

2. Modular building and off-site construction. Customers are looking for ways to improve designs and purchase products at scale. As a result, standardisation and pre-assembly are on the rise.

3. Sustainability and regulation. Today’s customers want better management of materials waste. They want transparency and traceability of their CO2 emissions across the value chain. 

4. Shifting value pools. Consolidation in the construction industry, at both customer and supplier level, is changing the way that the different players compete and make purchasing decisions.

5. End-to-end digitalisation. More building materials companies are introducing end-to-end digitalisation. By doing so, they can improve everything from procurement to customer satisfaction. Many are building digital routes to market in what has traditionally been an offline industry.

How Salesforce helps companies address the digital imperative

Digitalisation brings clear benefits from a financial perspective. When it comes to unlocking those tangible benefits, businesses are turning to Salesforce. Building materials companies can use Salesforce solutions to:

  • Drive commercial and service excellence. Businesses can coordinate processes and functions around the customer journey, from awareness to purchase, from service to loyalty. Customer-centred building materials companies can boost sales and increase EBITDA by 10-20%. (SALES +10-20% EBITDA)

  • Digitise supply chains. This can improve procurement, logistics, and operations. It can also boost margins and productivity. Salesforce can help businesses improve go-to-market times, automate workflows, introduce self-service reordering, and provide data-driven service. (COGS +10-20% EBITDA)

  • Integrate dispersed and siloed data. This wealth of information can generate insights that matter. Like predictive forecasting, data-based product recommendations, and pricing for subscription models. (Op. cost +8-15% EBITDA)

  • Act on sustainability goals. Businesses need a clear picture of their emissions and how they can become more sustainable. They can use Salesforce to design sustainability dashboards, cross-sell and upsell sustainable solutions, and build a culture of innovation around sustainability. (20% in energy savings)

  • Improve employee engagement and experience. This includes upskilling, reskilling, and using the workforce more efficiently. Salesforce Concierge delivers smooth service for employees, with outstanding results. It has 41% faster resolution; 95% articles viewed, no case created; and +2 employee CSAT.   

Salesforce is more than a provider of technologies. It is a strategic partner that helps companies solve complex challenges and unlock their potential. 

Integration enhances project decisions

Integration is a game-changer for CRM.

  • By seamlessly connecting different facets of your operations, integration empowers you to make more informed decisions throughout your projects

  • It ensures that data flows smoothly and fosters real-time collaboration among your team members, from procurement to delivery. With this cohesive approach, you can access up-to-the-minute information, conduct thorough analyses, and respond promptly to evolving project requirements.

  • Integration helps you streamline your processes, minimize errors, and make precise assessments.

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