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Our offering includes:

Solution Capabilities

Enterprise Resource Planning

An intuitive Cloud ERP system to power your business. Embedded with analytics.

CRM and Customer Experience

With our CX solutions, you can connect e-commerce, marketing, sales, and service data. 

Construction Management System

A solution built for today’s digital and connected construction industry.

Manufacturing Management System

Drive efficiency and develop future-proof agility with our robust manufacturing management software.

Human Ressource and Payroll System

Robust HR & payroll solutions designed to manage all facets of payroll management, procurement, and workforce performance.

Service Management System

Dispatching and boost revenue by scheduling the right people at the right time, and see data for work taking place in the field.


Integrate all your software solutions via a modern platform. 

Why work with KVP-Solution?

KVP-Solution is supporting companies since 1999. With multiple mergers & acquisitions we have strengthened our position in the market and extended our Industry focus. 

We are the leading providers of SAP, Acumatica, Microsoft, HubSpot, Salesforce and other solution providers.

Certified with the highest quality, we work with the leading solution providers across the world to guarantee the best service and support for your local or international roll-out projects, ERP optimisation projects and cross-border nearshoring. 


Part of KVP-Group

We are part of a group of companies. With more than 500 employees in our Group of companies, we have what it takes to make your IT project successful.

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