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Why Acumatica?

Digitally resilient companies rely on Acumatica Cloud ERP, the most adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organisations.

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Up to 35% cost savings on your IT expenses.

Up to 50% increase in productivity.

Checklist: Find the Right Cloud-Based Software
Use this handy resource to streamline your selection process and land on the right software.

Construction ERP System Evaluation Checklist

Selecting a Construction ERP solution to run your business is a decision that will affect your company for many years. Many products offer the same or similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what’s important and what’s not. This tool can help.

Construction ERP System Evaluation Checklist

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Acumatica Products

Functionality that’s targeted to your industry, but easily customised and personalised to meet your unique needs. 

Integration enhances project decisions

Integration is a game-changer for construction companies.

  • By seamlessly connecting different facets of your operations, integration empowers you to make more informed decisions throughout your projects

  • It ensures that data flows smoothly and fosters real-time collaboration among your team members, from procurement to delivery. With this cohesive approach, you can access up-to-the-minute information, conduct thorough analyses, and respond promptly to evolving project requirements.

  • Integration helps you streamline your processes, minimize errors, and make precise assessments, all of which are vital for the success and efficiency of building materials projects.

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  • Evaluate if Acumatica is a fit for your business.

  • Assess your business needs and processes.

  • Configure the environment to meet your requirements.

  • Populate your data with care and accuracy.

  • Train and ready your staff to use the system effectively.

  • Transition from the old system to the new.

  • Support your team as questions and issues arise.

  • Optimize your system to maximize your investment.

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